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Laserbreak Renegades

0.99 usd

This is the Ad Free version of Laserbreak Renegades.Laserbreak Renegades is the next Laserbreak episode.
Control your Laserbot and work your way through the many exciting levels. Use your laserbeam to activate switches or burn and explode objects, clearing a path to the end.
Youll have a large variety of puzzles to solve along the way. Some require thinking ahead, some require precise timing, and some just need brute force! Youll also have enemies to destroy and avoid along the way.
Featuring some awesome new objects, Laserbreak Renegades is sure to keep you entertained for many hours!
Includes:• NO ADS!• Many hours of game play• New objects never before seen in Laserbreak• Smooth, high energy effects• Levels vary in difficulty as the game progresses, from beginner to seriously challenging• Game play and sound options• Level selection feature• 9 language options